Volunteer Questionnaire

Please fill out this questionnaire and send it to us snail mail or take a picture and email it to us.  We look forward to having you join us to assist in the joy-flinging!                                                    Puget Sound Revels       621 Tacoma Ave., Suite 402       Tacoma, WA 98402                                    psrevels@pugetsoundrevels.org               www.pugetsoundrevels.org



City and Zip_____________________________________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________Telephone:_________________________________________

Select from the options below to reflect your interests and availability

Availability: _______Weekdays     _______Evenings     _______Weekends       ______Call me!

Skills and Interests:

_____Event planning                                            _____Refreshment preparation

_____Event set-up/clean-up                               _____Office help/mailings

_____Event greeter/tickets                                 _____Organizing (props, materials, etc.)

_____Selling merchandise at events                   _____Heavy lifting

_____Art/graphic design/calligraphy                _____Moving props, costumes, etc.

_____Photography/videography                        _____Costume repair/alterations

_____ Web page skills, social media                _____Carpentry, metal work, etc.

_____Computer skills/data entry                       _____I can help wherever needed

_____I have access to a large vehicle that can be used for transporting large items:                            _____Vehicle available during weekends   _____Vehicle available during weekdays/evenings

Other skills or interests that might be of help to Revels:


Are there specific events or activities that you want to help with?                                              _____Spring and Autumn Salons     _____May Day     _____Bridge Sing     _____Children’s programs _____Abbots Bromliad (Labor Day)   _____ Annual Brunch   _____Pub Sing _____Christmas Revels — Backstage help is not available because of union agreements but there are other opportunities for you to be a part of this wonderful event.