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We license the Revels name and logo from Revels, Inc. in Cambridge, MA, although we and other Revels organizations (Hanover, NH; Philadelphia; New York; Washington; Houston; Chicago, Boulder, CO; California; Portland) are separately incorporated each with its own local mission and character.

Revels, Inc. was founded in 1971 by John Langstaff, concert-trained baritone and music educator, to promote public understanding and appreciation of traditional dance, music, drama and poetry through the medium of participatory theater and communal celebration. It presents 18 sell-out performances in the Boston area every December.

Across the country over 60,000 people attend a Revels yearly.

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 “The colder and stormier the December, the better the Revels. The annual festival of song, dance and drama … reflects feelings as old as humanity itself: fear of chill and darkness at the winter solstice, celebration as the sun begins to return.”  -New York Times


Trademark Information

The nameslogo Revels, The Christmas Revels, The Spring Revels, Summer Revels, Sea Revels, Harvest Revels, and Country Revels are all registered trademarks of Revels, Inc. All productions inspired by Revels workshops, products, and shows must be entitled differently, unless authorized to do so by Revels, Inc. No productions may be called by a name using the word “Revels” or any form of the word, other than those directly licensed by Revels, Inc.