Children’s Auditions Information

This year we’ll be celebrating in a rural English village (17th century-ish) where tales of the doings of “wee folk” are a part of everyday life. Please read all the information here and look carefully at the rehearsal schedule. Performances: Dec 15 (2pm & 7:30pm); Dec 16 (1pm & 5:30pm); Dec 18 (7:30pm), Dec 19 (7:30)

When:  Thursday, May 3 from 4:30 to 7pm

Who:   Children, ages 6 – 12.   We look for a range of ages, heights, and personalities, just as we do in the adult chorus.  Diversity encouraged.

How:   Children are auditioned by appointment. Call 253-756-1804 for an appointment. If you get the answering machine, please leave your name, phone number, child (or children’s) name(s) and if you have a time preference. We’ll call back with an appointment time (and the location of the auditions).

Each child should come prepared to sing (unaccompanied) one of the following:  Silent Night, America the Beautiful, or Happy Birthday (their choice). Auditions are gentle and fun for the children. We are proud of every child who auditions.

Information about the Children’s Chorus and our Expectations for our young singers

The Christmas Revels Children’s Chorus is comprised of 12 – 15 singers. In choosing cast members we consider a variety of factors, including quality of singing voice, energy level, ability to focus and follow directions, and general courtesy. We want to create a high quality performance and have fun along the way. Singers accepted into the chorus will receive over 25 hours of professional music, theater, and dance instruction at no charge.

Note to Returning Children’s Chorus Members: We want as many children as possible to have the experience of being in The Christmas Revels, and so children who have never been in The Christmas Revels may be given priority over those who have.

Children’s Chorus rehearsals (schedule below) involve learning and memorizing songs, dances, and stage blocking. They begin promptly at 5:00pm and end promptly at 6:00pm. As in all choirs, every member is important. If someone is missing, the group as a whole is different, so please be present and on time.  We can’t stress enough that performing in The Christmas Revels is a big commitment.  Please look at the dates below and make sure your child and your family can commit to the schedule – no rehearsal is optional.  If it looks like our expectation will be difficult to meet, then maybe wait and audition another year when our schedule is a better fit with yours.  A high level of commitment from the whole cast is what makes a high quality production.

When we work with the larger cast in rehearsal and in performance, there are times when the children have a break while other actors and performers are rehearsing. The children are supervised and need quiet activities like a book to read, homework, a quiet game to play with others, etc.–no electronics, please.

Because we have a limited number of places in the chorus, we will have a waiting list. If a singer is unable to fulfill their duties, we will call up a singer from the list. If more than one child is auditioning from your family, please be aware and clear with your children about the possibility that one may be invited into the chorus and another child not. We know this can be disappointing for a family and it is better and kinder to talk with your children about this possibility before the audition.

Children’s Schedule: Rehearsals & Performances

Rehearsals are held at First United Methodist Church of Tacoma 621 Tacoma Ave S, Tacoma, WA 98402 until we move into the Rialto Theater on Dec 10. We often release the children earlier than 11pm during tech week but this is the “no later than” time.  Performances are Dec 15 (2pm & 7:30pm); Dec 16 1pm & 5:30pm; Dec 18 (7:30pm), Dec 19 (7:30pm).

Sept 15 10:00am – noon Church basement
Sept 18 5-6:00pm Church basement
Sept 25 5-6:00pm Church basement
Oct 2 5 – 6:00pm Church basement
Oct 9 5 – 6:00pm Church basement
Saturday, Oct 13 9:30am -1pm Church basement
Oct 16 5 – 6:00pm Church basement
Oct 23 5 – 6:00pm Church basement
Oct 30 5 – 6:00pm Church basement
Saturday, Nov 3 9:30am -1pm Church basement
Nov 6 5 – 6:00pm Church basement
Nov 13 5 – 6:00pm Church basement
Saturday, Nov 17 9:30am -1pm Church basement
Nov 20 5 -6:00pm Church basement
Nov 27 5 – 6:00pm Church basement
Sunday, Dec 2 1:30-5:30pm Church basement
Dec 4 7-10:30pm Rialto
Dec 5 w/early instruments 6-10:30pm Church basement
Dec 6 w/brass TBA Church basement
Saturday, Dec 8 9:30am -1pm Church basement
Dec 10
Tech Week
6-11:00pm Rialto
Dec 11
Tech Week
6-11:00pm Rialto
Dec 12
Tech Week
6-11:00pm Rialto
Dec 13
Tech Week
6-11:00pm Rialto
Dec 14
Tech Week
6-11:00pm Rialto
Dec 15 2:00 & 7:30 Rialto
Dec 16 1:00 & 5:30 Rialto
Dec 18 7:30 Rialto
Dec 19 7:30 Rialto